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Yorkie Friends Rescue was founded in March 2005. Most of the founding members had previously
been involved with other rescue groups. We are dedicated to the belief that all Yorkies and Yorkie
mixes are special no matter what their age or condition; and we will rescue those we find in need;
and we pledge that we will do everything possible to restore quality life to those in poor physical
or emotional condition; and we will work diligently to find good and loving homes in which they
can spend the remainder of their lives.
Yorkie Friends has members in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, and Kentucky. We are
focusing our membership in Florida and Alabama now. We are a 501c-3 organization. All
donations to our group are fully tax deductible and are used only for the vet bills of the dogs.
Members enjoy a close bond with each other which is founded in their mutual love for the dogs.
Everyone is an important part of the organization, and there exists a high level of mutual support
for each other, not only in our work for the dogs, but also in our personal endeavors.
                                ABOUT MEMBERSHIP
Many opportunities to help homeless and abused or neglected dogs exist to members of Yorkie
Friends Rescue. Many of our members provide loving and nurturing
foster homes for the dogs while they are waiting for their forever homes. Foster families take
the dogs into their homes, provide their food, treats, toys, beds, collars and leashes, in addition to
lots of love. They carefully assess their temperaments to determine many things, including how
well the dogs get along with other animals, children, adults; how well they share toys and food;
and they form a profile of the type home and family that would be the best for the dog. They also
work to train or retrain the dogs in their house and social manners. Some foster families give
permanent foster homes to dog with a terminal illness or a serious permanent condition.
Our members also
transport  dogs from shelters to the foster homes, and sometimes
assist in getting them to their adoptive homes.
Yorkie Friends also conducts a variety of fund raising activities. Members may sew,
cross stitch, paint, or make other items for the Y
orkie shoppe. Others may do
Donation and/or membership drives at local pet stores or other business which will
allow us to set up an information booth. Barnes & Noble bookstores allow charities to
set up gift wrap counters at Christmas and our members who participate wrap gifts
for donations. Many members will be involved in education and information drives in
which they will set up booths, maintain educational sections on the website, make
presentations in schools or at other public forums, and distribute literature to inform
and educate the public about the cruelty and neglect toward animals in our country
and how they can help to end it, as well as the purpose of rescue and the role it plays
in the end of such cruelty.
Some members are willing to assist in the screening of applicants and calling
Some Yorkie Friends members are willing to assume leadership and coordination
If you are interested in becoming a member of Yorkie Friends Rescue, click on the
Membership Application link at the top of this page.

You will enjoy the great satisfaction of making a difference in our world by changing the futures of
the animals whose lives you touch, and by assisting in the education of the public about hoe they can
also help to end the suffering of so many of the animals in our country.

ABOUT ADOPTION                                            
Yorkie Friends Rescue requires that all persons interested in adopting one of our
dogs  complete an Adoption Application. Veterinarian and groomer references as well
as personal or professional references are also required. Yorkie Friends carefully
screens all applications, then conducts a phone interview and a home visit with the
applicant. We endeavor to determine through our application process whether the
applicant's home is the best possible placement for the dog.
After the adoption, we follow-up with regular communication and offer any support
possible for a successful adoption. We require that adopters agree that they will
keep the adopted Yorkie for life, and if, for any reason, they cannot keep the dog, or
in the event of the adopters death, that Yorkie Friends be contacted so that the
group may reaquire the dog.
If you are interested in adopting a dog from Yorkie Friends, click on
Adoption Application link at the top of the page.

              Sponsor or Donate to Help Dogs
Everyone may not be able to become a member of Yorkie Friends or
adopt one of the dogs, but if you want to make a difference in the
lives of these little ones, you may choose to become a
Sponsor for one of
them, or you may make a generous donation toward the needed medical care for one
of them. To learn more about becoming a sponsor or a donor, Click Here on
About Our Group