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Duke and new parents Laurie & Dan
Winkler, from Port Richey, Fl
and     Larry
Sherlock   AL
Tags   FL
Mariah and new Family
Missy  Fl.
Tinker Tu
Jim   PA
Sasha is a little Yorkie girl who had been neglected for a long time due to her owner's
termianal illness. Her "mommy" died alone in the house with just Sasha there with her.
Some kind neighbors rescued Sasha from the fate of the animal shelter when her
mommy died, and they contacted rescue to find a good home for her. We received the
perfect application for Sasha the first day she appeared on our website, and the sweet
baby is now in the lap of pampering with David and Gloria in Panama City, FL. She also
has a wonderful little sister, Peaches, who has become her best friend and playmate.
Sahsa still goes through all shopping bags that enter the house looking for her new toys,
and just goes wild when she finds one!! That girl loves to play and now whe has a life of
love and play!!
Sasha was so flea infested when she came into rescue that she had lost all of her hair
and her skin was severely irritated. Sasha's hair has grown back in now and she is so
healthy and happy that she does not look like the same dog. The family picture shows
Gloria holding Miss Sasha. Don't you just love happy endings???
Sherlock went to live with Pat and John in Ft. Walton Beach, FL,
where he will be loved and spoiled just like he deserves for the
remainder of his life. He loves to sit in his new home and look out onto
the water from the large glass doors and windows along the back of
his home. He is even learning to live peacefully with his mom's big