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Higgins and New Family
Bandit   ID
Mason  FL.
Dear Maritza.
FINALLY I think I figured out how to attach pictures of Stevie and Luke!!!  I love the one of
them close up.  The kind of happiness and love you see there is how they feel about each
other. As you know, our 17 year old son Luke has had 2 spinal cord tumors removed from
his neck, the latest of which was March of this year.  Then in May of this year he had a  
spinal cord fusion to help his neck stay strong. He has just finished his 15th day of a 28
day course of radiation.  We hope this is the last step and that he will be healthy from
here on out. Ever since Luke's first tumor removal in 2003, he has talked about wanting a
little Yorkie that he could hold on his lap and care for.  One of his teachers in
middle school had 2 Yorkies that would sometimes come to school and Luke fell in love
with them. We have another dear dog, a 12 year old Tibetan Terrier,  J.D., (Jill's Dog) who
is a real love-bug; but at 35 pounds, he is not a lap dog! As Luke's health has continued
to be a problem, he has talked more and more about getting a little dog.  We just listened
and never really considered it. One day, all three of us (Luke, my husband Gordon, and
I) decided to make individual lists of 10 things we'd like to do in the world -- sort of what
our individual legacies might be.  "Rescue a dog" was on all three!  Well, who could resist
that? Gordon and I also discussed how much a little dog might help Luke in his recovery,
giving him a helpless little animal who was depending on him (with our supervision, of
course).  Of course, it had to be a Yorkie! I am the researcher in the family and so spent
hours and hours on the internet looking for a Yorkie puppy to adopt.  Lexie in Florida was
our girl!!! After all the paperwork, a home visit by Betty (an angel for Yorkies), I flew down
to Orlando to meet Lexie's foster family and bring her home.  Maritza and Frank Goodman
- talk about angels!! - had fostered Lexie for almost 3 weeks.  It was hard for me to
imagine how they had fallen so deeply in love with this little dog so quickly.  That is, until I
met Lexie and Frank and Maritza and their other 4 dogs. Luke told me he "felt giddy" all
day waiting for me to bring Lexie home.  He has since told me that this first week with
Lexie have been "the best days of my life".  I know just what he means.  This little girl
has springs for legs, is turbo charged, and is one of the happiest things alive.  She always
seems to be smiling.  She loves everyone she comes in contact with
and everyone she meets falls in love with her. Luke has renamed her Stevie.  Boy, does
that name get eyerolls from people when they first hear it.  Luke wanted to honor Steve
Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter and, like Luke, a real lover of animals.  After hearing
that, would any other name do? Thank you, Betty, Maritza, Frank and all the other
people out there who care enough about these wonderful little dogs to care for them so
well.  I want you all to know how happy Stevie and you have made one sick young man.  
Luke is happier and more energetic than we have seen him in years.  We'll be in another
room and hear Luke's peals of laughter as Stevie does something else hysterically funny.
Thank you.  Thank you!
Jill, Gordon, and Luke in Massachusetts
Sassy  AL