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Yogi  PA.
Dennis FL
Scooby FL
This is Tom and Joy Hayes, Corky's new parents. They
drove 5 hours to get from Mass. to Pa. just to pick up
their new boy.  They instantly fell in love with him and he
with about love at first sight!!  This was it!!
Adopted at Petco
on Adoption day
Puddin and his new family.
Colonel, now known as Gibbs, has gone to his forever home
with Perry and JoLynn Dean and their other furbaby, Maxx.  
Since his new mom is a big time Redskins fan, she knew exactly
what she wanted to name her new boy....Gibbs, after Joe
Gibbs.   Gibbs made himself right at home and walked in the
door directly to Maxx's dish and ate all his food.  He also made
himself comfortable in the new bed his mom bought for him.
He seems to really be setteling in, I'm even surprised at how quickly he has taken
to his new home. John takes Pudding and Maddie for their walk in the morning and
I take them in the evening and they both love it!  Puddin met our neighbors and they
have two little boys 11 and 7 and he was really great with them.  He was rolling on
the grass and standing up on his hind legs for them to pet him. We just love him
and I think in a couple of weeks everyone will have adjusted and it will be like he
has always been here.  He still loves his carrots!
Thanks so much for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family.

Cheryl Alexander
Puddin is doing great!  He and Maddy
are getting use to each other and
even the cats are starting to come
around him more.  He discovered the
bird yesterday and decides every so
often to bark at him, but I think it's
more entertainment for him than
anything. He has been eating well and
when I get home at night he jumps
around and smiles:).
Thank you for all the help I got when I got Yogi...He's the sweetest
thing next to cotton candy...He's gained 1.5# since then and is very sends lots of love to all who helped make it possible for
him to get to NC...He is a true Southern Gentalman...thanks again.

Cathy Maultsby