Successful Rescue Adoptions Page 10
We adopted "Rufus" over the weekend.  Thank you! Rufus is
a wonderful dog, loving and playful, and he has fit right in
with our family (including the two cats).  We appreciate all
you do and especially for bringing Rufus into our lives.

Nancy Fleming
Rufus  FL
He is eating and enjoying his new life, he sleeps in bed with us
and loves chasing the cat, he also loved coming home, we
stopped at Dairy Queen where he got a small cup of vanilla ice
cream and 2 doggie bones, he was soooo happy!
he has done wonderfully and settled right in. he sleeps on his
quilt during the day. the one you held, I'm sure he still can smell
his mommy on it. I'll send you photo's soon.
We are so happy with him and he loves walking with Terry,
Thank-you for caring for him he's such a good boy!
Big hug's,
Dear Yorkie Friends Rescue,

Just wanted to let you know that my
little Emmy is doing just great. We fit
each other perfectly. I needed her as much as
she needed me! She has become a part of
our family and of out hearts. Its' like she
without her now. My only regret is that I
don't have room for more. These little
dogs are wonderful and so is your
organization!! Thank you for my Emmy!!

The Wright Family
Yoda FL
Abby & new brother Max
Palmer  FL
Palmer now called Don Juan (D.J.) with his new mom Joellen. New
Dad Bob, enjoys walking him, because all the girls stop to admire D.J.
Simon   FL
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