This Is Sammi. He was our second
adoption, but he was the first baby
placed on the website, and was
adopted in April 2005. Sammi was
actually a Silky boy, rather than a
Yorkie, but Yorkie Friends Rescue
welcomes babies in need no matter
what the breed. Little Sammi was a
wonderful boy with such a winning
personality that he was only in
foster care for a week before
someone fell in love with him and
wanted him to be their baby. He
was adopted by a wonderful lady
in the Orlando area. He is now the
pampered little Silky that he
deserves to be.
Mollie B and her new
forever family,
Yvonne, Hugh, &
Corky. Mollie B was
Yorkie Friends Rescue
Group's third
successful adoption.
Mollie B
Rags was our first foster
baby. At just a few months
old, she was already in
rescue. Thanks to Fay and
Frank, her loving foster
parents, she was adopted in
to a loving home... their
home, very quickly. This is
Rags with her foster dad,
Frank, who became Rag's
forever dad, and Pitty Pat,
her new new sister.
What a wonderful life she
will have!!
Mollie B with foster Mom, Fay
Jessica was adopted
before we could get a
picture of her on the
web site. Thanks to
her Foster Mom she
is in her forever home
Britton has found his
forever home in the
NY area. He is so
happy that a loving
family found him and
wanted him for their
very own baby!! He
now has the life he
so deserves.
Hi!  My name is
Buddy and I'm a 5
1/2 month old, 8 lb.
neutered ball of fire!
My owner had to
have extensive
surgery and could
not take care of me.
I found someone to
take care of me
forever. I have gone
to my forever home.
Flash and his forever
Mom, Carol
Fritz has gone to the perfect
forever home for him. He has a
young and active family with whom
to play ball and have fun. The
Condreys were very excited and
happy to have Fritz become a part
of their family. He will have all of the
attention and love that he so
Foster Dad
Tim Harvey
Foster Dad, Tim, dearly loved Fritz, and
it was hard to allow Fritz to be adopted,
but Tim knew that Fritz needed a family
who could be there to play ball with
Fritz as much as the little man wanted.
Fritz now has a big and loving family.
The Condrey Family
June 18
Blake, Brooke, Andy, Fritz, Scott, Andrea
Flash was rescued from a Miami
shelter, and had a badly injured leg.
He walked on the nub of it because
the end of the leg was turned
backward. It was unable to be saved.
With the help of a generous vet, who
was willing to amputate the leg for a
reduced fee, and with the donations
from wonderful people like you who
wanted to help Flash, he was able to
get the care he needed, and he has
been adopted by one of the generous
donors who helped him. Losing the
leg has not slowed Flash down at all.
He still is as active and loving as ever.
Most important, he is happy in his
forever home!! He says "Thank You!"
to everyone who helped him.
Tigger Two is a happy
boy now that he is in
his new forever home.
He is getting lots of
love and good care. We
are all so happy to see
this little one Blessed
with a wonderful
Way to go, Tigger!!
Olliver is very happy and much loved by
his new forever mom and dad, Sandy
and Jeff. He is eating well and getting
plenty of good exercise on his walks
with his mom. He also loves to hang out
with her while she is on the computer.
He does not like for her to be out of his
site. Sweet little Olliver is home and
very happy about it!!
Yea for Olliver!!
Olliver and his
new  Dad Jeff
Olliver & new Sister
Successful Yorkie Friends Rescue Adoptions
I adopted Flash last year and
renamed him Barnabas.  He has been
such a blessing and I wanted to let
you know how well he is doing.  I
would also like to encourage anyone
looking to adopt an amputee.  
Barnabas has no problem
whatsoever getting where he needs
to go, he jumps through a hula hoop
for treats and races to beat me to my
bed at night. I have inserted a picture
to show you how well he is doing.  I
wish your organization the best of
luck and I'll help when I can.  Thanks
for bringing Barnabas into my life.

Carol Herring
Barnabas a year after being adopted
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