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Lil Bit
Lil Bit with new Brother
Lil Bit looking Scruffy
Apopka  FL.
Pogo, 13 yrs old,  is our first Yorkie rescue.  His picture did not make
it to the website as we decided to adopt him after a few days.  He
was left alone for almost six weeks with someone only visiting him
5-30 minutes a day.  We felt that he had gone through enough stress
and needed a forever home where someone would be with him most
of the time.  He is a wonderful little guy and we are so lucky to have
Thanks to Yorkie Friends Rescue we have a new best friend.
Don, Sandy, and Pogo Huhsman
Nanook   WI.
Nanook with his new dad and sister Tinkerbelle.
Just wanted everyone to see our little Pogo we adopted from YFR.  I
failed FOSTERING 101 and he did not get on the website.   He is coming out of
his shell and being very vocal now.  Let's us know what he wants and
loves  to be petted and brushed.  He is a really excellent little guy for
his age.   He can really run when he chases the squirrels.  He has helped
us with the loss of our little "Missy".   When we got Pogo, he would yep
a lot when we would rub him under his chin.  Found out why when we had
his teeth cleaned that the nerves were exposed and apparently the
previous owner (who is deceased) never had his teeth cleaned or his shots
up-to-date. But now he is doing great and everything is up-to-date. He
was left alone for about six weeks with only a visit from the owner's
daughter for about 5-30 minutes a day and there were two cats living with
him.  He also had a cut under his eye that was infected and the Vet gave
me an antibotic medicine to put on it and it has healed great.  He is the
king of the house and feeling more comfortable with his surroundings.  We
bought him steps for him to get up on the couch and a chair that he has
claimed as his.  He sleeps with us at night on his own pillow.  He is
totally house trained and loves the outdoors.  Never had a little one
that likes the outdoors like he does.  

Hope you all enjoy seeing our little guy.

Don, Sandy, and Pogo
Fiona  IL.
Courtesy listing
I just wanted you to know that Fiona went to her new home with Kathy Smith
yesterday. She met my husband in Nashville Tennessee to pick her up. I have
heard from her twice already they slept together in her bed last night. :) My
house is silent without her. I caught myself at 8pm last night reaching for her
anxiety medication. A part of me is sad (horribly sad) of course but I am so
happy she has found her home (Kathy seems to be the answer to my prayers for
Fiona). Again thank you for all your help without your wonderful group listing
her for me I would have never met Kathy, no words will ever be able to express
how much this has meant to me. Thank you. If you ever  need help in this area
please let me know..I owe you all so much. Take care.
Chino   FL
Hi Kari,

Well, tomorrow will be 2 weeks since Magnum moved to NW Florida and I think
he is doing well.  I really cant tell much difference in his leg; he does still limp
but it doesnt seem to bother him.  I am keeping him strictly on his diet, as I know
any weight he loses will be beneficial to him in so many ways.  
This evening I gave him a bath for the first time.  Actually I gave him a shower,
because I have a handheld showerhead which works great for dog baths.  He
stood very still and didnt seem to mind it at all.  I use Hylyte from the vet, as it
seems not to irritate the skin.  If you get any dogs with skin problems and you
havent tried it, I can recommend it.  He is so silky and soft and seems quite
pleased with himself.
He has had moments of being frisky and playful, though he is still in the crate
much of the time.  He is a sweet dog, very protective, and when he does bark, he
sounds like a much bigger dog than he is.  I am enjoying him.
I hope things are going well for you, and for the dogs you need homes for (as
well as your own dogs).  I still check the website every few days.  You (and
others who foster) are doing a very good thing.  I'm sure it must be a bit of a
burden sometimes.

Magnum has taken up a new hobby.  Even though he is
fastened so securely into this basket that he could
hardly move his eyeballs, he loved going for a ride!  
Fiona with new Mom
Kathy Smith in Alabama
and her nephew Daniel.
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