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Ruben FL
Chip & Toby
Itty Bitty  FL.
Skeeter's New Family The Corleys
The Corleys
The Corleys were SO excited to add
Skeeeter to their loving family!!! All 3
family members loved him at first sight.
Skeeter is going to have the stay-at-
home family he needs and LOTS of
Skeeter was playing with Allen almost
immediately, and he was thrilled with
the new toy Alan brought for him.
Skeeter jumped into the car with his
new family for the ride to his new home
in Georgia!!! Yea for Skeeter!!!
TJ went to his forever home.  He is now the only child of a wonderful
retired couple, Audrey and Bill Buchanan.  They will both be at home
with him 24/7.  They said they are ready to spoil him and he surely
needs it.  They fell in love with him right away and he took to them
quite quickly too.  They are going to be such a happy family!
A Christmas called Ruben.....
Little Ruben came to our home to be nursed and then sent to his forever
home......but in the process, we fell in love with him and we could not let
him go. His adorable little angel face stole our hearts and it was love at
1st sight. Ruben now is part of our family and the best Christmas
present we could ever wish for! Merry Christmas,
The Goodman's
Itty Bitty has been adopted to Terri Ross.   She is an awesome
lady with a genuine love for animals.  Itty Bitty now has a
Pekingese sister who is 12 years old and both deaf and blind
but boy she is a sweetie and took to Itty Bitty real quick.  
Louie has been adopted by Amy Read and his family.
Amy traveled yesterday from Gulf Breeze, FL to Orlando (8hr. trip) to
meet and pick up Louie.  He was very happy to meet her and they
bonded right away.
We are sooo happy for both of them.
Dear Kari: It was sure nice meeting you and I thank you for the long drive
from Orlando. Today Lily (a.k.a. Sarah) is haaving a very good day. She of
course is still very shy but follows me a lot and comes when I call her to go
for a walk. She loves her walks and Puce is very kind to her. They started
eating side by side today and tonight we went to Tampa airport to pick up
big brother from college for Xmas. She rode in the beautiful plush car seat
with all her stuffed babies around her and slept and got her belly rubbed
most of the way. She loves the car seat. She ate a big dinner and we do
treats after potty time too. She has had no accidents and potties outside
every time so far. She got brushed today twice and has a pink ribbon in her
hair today. We will let you know about our progress. Big brother loves her
already and talks about SICK people who abuse. Talk to you soon. Thanks
again! Sandie
Letter to Sarah's foster Mom
Her new parents, Sandie
and Tom Whealy are totally
in love with their new baby
girl.  She has already been
to the groomer and has new
coats, collars and leashes
that all match.  She is really
going to be one spoiled little
girl and she so deserves it.  
I am so glad Sarah and the
Whealy's found each other!
Louie is doing wonderful.  He is so adjusted already, it seems like
nothing phases him.  He has figured out the doggie door, he has
been putting up w/my little alpha girl and he doesn't stop w/the
playing.  He is amazing.  We love him so much.
Yesterday, of course I separated him from the others until we get
acclimated, and we had no messes in the 4 hours.  Today he will
be by himself only 3hrs but he is doing great.
Romeo AL
Romeo had to have bladder stone
surgery just before his adoption. As
soon as he was released from the
hospital he went to his new home in
Decatur AL with his new Mom,
Phyllis. She took care of him during
his recovery. He now has a big family
which includes two cat siblings and
many reptile friends. His Mom is very
devoted and glad to have him as her
new companion.
Scruffie  FL
Scruffy was adopted by Callie Edenfield.
Piper PA.
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