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Widdle  FL
Dear "Aunt" Joann,  I just wanted to write to you & tell you that my mommy says
I have to go to school!  I don't know why,,after all I am perfect! I heard my
mommy say so! I still BITE every one & EVERYTHING I can get my cute little
teeth on! Mommy said I'm a Baaaaaaaaaad boy! then she kissed me! I have
learned that when it rains out & the grass is wet,when I want to come in the
house mommy has to dry my feeties & I hold them up one at a time for her! I am
going to be a surgeon when I grow up,,because I already operate on all my(&
Mr. Peppers) toys,removing all eyes & noses,then mommy has to sew them up
again! Ain't I cute???? Mommy said I need a muzzel!  I realy do love Mr Pepper,
we play all the time.,,
Talk to you soon,,Love Baby
Hi, it's me Buddy, FL, with my new forever Mom Stella and
Dad Joe.  They must really want me, cause they came all the
way from across the state to get me.  Mom and Dad and I are
settling in together, they have a big yard and a nice house, and
I have the run of both.  Man, this is living!  And a big thank you
Yorkie  Friend Rescue and my Foster Mom, Maritza!  Yorkie
hugs and kisses, Buddy
Buddy FL.

Nicky went to his forever home this afternoon, 11/19/05. His
new mom, Natalie Allison and her mother-in-law Irene drove
from Gainesville, GA to pick him up. Nicky has a new brother
Chevy and his new sister Rosie, shown in the picture.  He is a
very lucky little boy.  It was love at first sight for both he and
his Mom!!
Nicky's New Mom Natalie Allison
Nicky's new brother and sister
Chevy and Rosie
Jazz  FL
Jazz has been adopted to Marion and Dan Dye.  They are animal
lovers for sure and she will have a very loving home. They have lost
several dogs to old age in the past couple years and they have 5
birds. They are gentle good people who will be patient and
reassuring to get  over her skittishness. Marion had her vet check
Jazz over and found her in good shape, but said she was probably
no more than 1 or 2. Jazz will have a wonderful life now.
Rocky Savannah GA.
Hi Toby! Toby is my X foster Mom. I just wanted to let you know what I
learned to do today. I went threw the dogie door all on my own!!! It took a
little coaxing at first but I just about have it down pat now. I still don't quiet
understand why I'm going in and out all by myself for yet. I haven't had
any accidents! I played with Julie for a while this morning. I think we will
get along just fine once we figure out how rough we want to play. My new
mom had to go somewhere for a little while today and my dad told her I
didn't like it. I've got to learn that there will be sometimes that she has do
things without me. I finally ate something tonight. Mom said when I get
hungry enough I'll eat. (just like a kid!) She thinks my other mom gave me
a lot of table food because they gave me a little bit of bread from a
sandwich to see what I would do! Of course I gobbled it down! No problem
with dog treats either! She also thinks thats why I weigh 14 lbs. She
looked on the papers you gave her and I gained two pounds this last year.
Got to be the junk food! I'll learn to eat my regular food then I'll get treats
after that. I like my new Dad too. I'm not quiet attached to him as I am to
mom but he will do! I got to sleep on the bed with them last night. I slept all
night long. I was exhausted from all the excitement of yesterday. Well I'll
go for now. Hope you are having fun at your conference. I sure am glad
you let me come live here! It's going to be great once I get use to it. Won't
take to much longer. I'm feeling more at home every hour! I'll tell you more
later. Great big dogie kisses to you and thanks for what you did for me!!!!!!!
Catherine     Robert
Lizzie's new parents, Catherine and Robert, met her and took her home to meet her new
fur family, Gigi and Beau. Lizzie had an eventlful first day in her new home. After a nap
with Robert and Gigi on the couch, Lizzie went with her new parents on a trip around town
for errands, which included a stop at a local church Nativity recreation, where they were
"offered" a goat as a trade for Lizzie. They politely refused, of course!!  :)  Lizzie went
home to a home cooked meal of chicken and rice, and a nap in her new mommy's lap.
Catherine and Robert are thankful for their new family member and think she is the
perfect doggie.
Lizzie is ready for her new life in her loving forever home!!!
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