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Dick, Carol & Dusty
They just love him!!   Dusty
especially took to Dick, his
new dad and the first night
with them, slept on his
jeans and not on the bed
they provided.  He never
lets Dick out of his sight.  
What a great match they are!
Matt's New family
Mr. & Mrs. Vest
My name is Kenneth Jack Light. My wife Florence Light and I had
been looking for a small dog for quite some time. We had lost our dog
four years ago after eight wonderful years with her. We were living
in Leesburg, Florida then.
We moved right after that and didn’t have another one right away. We
live in Lady Lake , Florida now.We missed the companionship and my
wife didn’t like being alone when I was gone from time to time. I work
part time at a dealership that I retired from. I drive cars on dealer trades
for them two or three times a week and will be gone for 3 and sometimes
4 hours at a time and she doesn’t like being alone.
So I went on the internet and looked for a small dog again. I had applied
for 3 different ones but when we saw Chloe on the net we knew that she
was what we wanted. I applied for her and held off on the others until we
could get a chance for her. She is Bichon Frise and so beautiful.
Kelli Jo Campbell was her foster parent and we both felt good about it.
It didn’t take long to set up an interview and let them know who we were and
what we wanted. We were the lucky ones here. Last Thursday we went down
to Englewood and met Kelli Jo and picked Chloe up and brought her home.
we knew the moment we held her that she was meant to be ours. It was a 165
mile trip and we had a wonderful time. Chloe loves riding in the car and was
a perfect baby all the way home.  She is now two and a half years old.
When we arrived home she felt like she had been ours forever. We have not
had the first problem with her. She is my wifes shadow and loves to sleep on
her recliner with her most of the time. She sleeps in her little kennel at night
and goes right into it when we go to bed. But after I let her out in the morning
she wants to come back in and sleep on the bed beside Flo. So this is standard
procedure now. She loves to play and we are kept busy and love every minute
of it. She likes going for walks and going for rides in the car. We could never
have found a more wonderful addition to our family. We can’t thank Kelli
Jo enough for all she did for us. I wish everyone wanting another one could
be as lucky as we were. God is good.
Jack and Flo Light
Home Sweet Home
Willie FL.
Little Willies new Dad, Mom
Lydia and new sister Ozzie.
Marco Peabody
Hi Linda, I thought I would send updated photos of Marco. These were taken today, and he
continues to get happier everyday. He has bonded with mother so fast, I can't believe it. She
spends so much time with him, they just can't get enough of each other. Marla said he was a little
skeptical of the grooming at first, but she takes as much time as needed, so they only have good
memories of their visit. She gives him little bags of toys and treats when he leaves, he is happy.  
He did not mind going at all. Mother can't stand him being gone at all, so she usually sits and
watches his grooming. Dr. Royer gave us the little chew treats for heart worms, and he ate it with
no problem. He was 5.6 lbs when we had his stitches removed, and he had gained to 5.8 lbs as of
yesterday. He looks so good and gives all of us such joy. He has learned all of our habits, and loves
to go everywhere. He has such a sweet happy nature, and he seems totally relaxed and happy. We
can only thank you again for making our lives much richer. I bet the new little girl you picked up is
cute, and she has the best foster home she can have. We went to Ft. Walton today and picked up
our new van we had ordered, and Marco went to give his approval. I better hush for now, have a
great day tomorrow....Tim, Eleanor, Jack and Marco..........
Tim and Marcos new Mom
Thought you might want to see one of the
daily reports I've been getting on Marco
Peabody's progress with his new family.  It's
a match made in Heaven!  The first picture is
Marcos  new mom and his step-brother, Tim!
Rebecca Hopkins is Jessie's new Mom.
Clipper  FL
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