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Bunnie and her new mom Barbara
and sister Mazze Mae. YEA Bunnie!!!
This is how JJ looked when he was
pulled from an Alabama shelter, in July
2009, so red and bald from the
This is how JJ looks after several
months with his mom and dad, Cheryl
and Jim...What a difference a few
months and a lot of love and good
food can make in a dog's life!!!!
Sweet JJ now has a great, loving home with Jim and Cheryl in
New Jersey!! He has become a pampered little boy with lots of
toys and attention! He is the king of his castle and he knows it!
This picture was taken when Jim and Cheryl drove all of the
way from MJ to Chattanooga, TN to meet foster mom and
adopt JJ.
Mollie was a stray, who was turned
in to a vet's office. Yorkie Friends
took her in and found that she was
at least 10 years old, had 10
mammary tumors, an ulcerated
eye which had ruptured, the worst
teeth the vets had ever seen, and
another tumor which turned out to
be a sweat gland cancer. All of her
tumors were removed, as well as
her teeth and her ulcerated eye.
The outlook for the return of the
cancer was about 3 years, which
was great news! After several
months without an adopter, her
foster mom was so in love with her,
that she adopted Mollie. She is
honored to be Mollies real mom for
the remainder of Mollie's life!!
Hi everyone, it's me, Coco again!  Here's a picture of me and my new Mom, Air
Force TSgt Angelia (isn't she cute).  Guess that makes me an Air Force brat now!  I
don't know what my rank is yet, but Mom said she would stay in touch and send lots
of pictures soon. Yeah!!!
Mom's going to take me to see the Air Force vet, and to meet all of my new people
and dog friends, tomorrow.  I saw plenty of squirrels and lizards to chase in my new
back yard too (it's near the MacDill AF base in Tampa), so I'll be really busy for the
next few days.  Mom said she would keep me plenty busy and out of trouble!
I was so excited to be in my forever home I almost forgot to give Sandy and Ron a
kiss before they left.

Baby has a new family.  They were so excited when the saw her.  She will be much
loved and well taken care of.  Here is a pic of Thersa and Scott with the baby.
Milo is safe and sound in his new forever home now. He has a cute
little sister, Sadie, shown on the left in their dad's arms. Milo is in his
new mom's arms. At first Sadie and Milo spoke pretty rough to each
other but as time went on they became friends. They fell in love with
Milo on the spot.
In the words of Snuggles foster parents, "These pictures need no captions, no explaining!"
Gizmo has a great new home with his new mom, Nancy, and new brother, Bemer.  He
loves it, and he is getting along great with his new brother.  He’s met his human aunts and
uncles and cousins and just wanted to play with everyone.  He’s already attached to mom
and gets to cuddle with her and Bemer in the big bed at night.  We are all looking forward
to updates.
Meet Button's new "Forever Family".  She fell in love with this great family, and they with her, at first sight!  
She has her new little sister, Tinker Bell, plus a big sister (who is another rescue), and misc. Cats, pigs,
horses, and cows to play with.  She's in  "7th Heaven"!  What a lucky little girl!

Pictured are Mom (Joy) and Buttons, Taylor and Tinker Bell.  Missing are sister Jordann, brother Austen,
Dad, and Grandma and Grandpa.

Joy and her family made donations of dog beds, toys, collars, clothes, and misc. Other supplies for our

Thank you Joy, and congratulations to everyone in your Family!

Ron and Sandy
Bojangles has gone to his "forever home" with Regine and Arne Gudheim on
Wednesday 12/29/2010.

He has a beautiful new family, including a sister, Sofia, who can chase him as much
as he chases her, and a "revised" name - Teebo, as in Q-back for the Denver
Bronco's (formerly THE Gator Q-back)!

Ron & Sandy
Booboo, aka Bojangles, aka, Teebo