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21 Successful Adoptions
We are all settling in to our new house and Corky is just fine.  He really is just another
family member now.  I was studying for a class I am taking and Corky just made himself
at home and fell asleep.  This is a common occurrence that happens just about anytime I
sit down for more than a few minutes!  Corky and I are enjoying two long walks (45
minutes) and two short walks (10-15 minutes) per day so we are both getting fit.  We
have a large park one block away.  I have not yet got confidence in his ability to come
back when called so Corky stays on his extending leash all the time while we run-and
boy, he loves to run!My company has started telecommuting as an option for us
programmers.  So I now work from home on Tuesday and Thursday.  Corky seems to
really enjoy this and spends most of the time asleep on my feet as I work.We have never
regretted adopting him and I am regularly astonished as to how anyone would give this
little fella up for adoption.
The Pearce Family
Winn Dixie
Maggie has gone to her
forever home. She is now
being loved on by Cathyrn
and her son Matthew
Westlund of Melbourne
Florida. She will live in the
lap of love and be spoiled
by these good folks who
have been waiting
impatiently to get her. She
has lots of new goodies, a
carrier, a bed, leash, collar,
toys and everything she
can wish far and laps to lay
in whenever she want.
They are so excited to have
Bentley is enjoying his
new family in Georgia. He
has a family that will love
him for life now. He even
has a new sweet shirt to
keep him cozy, and his
new Mom Sharon is
devoted to him.
Suki and new Dad Alen
Just wanted to let everyone know that Guinness is definitely settling in.  He is
a total lover, he loves his toys, gives plenty of hugs and kisses. My Kiki was
too excited yesterday and was driving us all crazy, but  Guinness handled her
well.  Today they were eating out of the same bowl and running in the yard,
playing..  He is a very sweet and affectionate little boy.  When I left this
morning, they were both lying on my husband's chest, watching TV....
Kattie Bug is a new
member of
Nancy's family.
Kattie Bug has a
new name.
Kody's new family.
Rose and Jo Suber