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Stu Blue
Chad went to his new "Forever Family" late Friday evening. It was so hectic
there trying to get the paperwork done and all the introductions ...neighbors
popping in, phones ringing...people calling from all over the country to see if
"Is he there yet?".
One would have thought he was the First Prince of a Royal Family.  
I am so pleased with his new family. I will never have to give another thought to
my first adoptee having the best home any dog could have. That is his new
female friend in the back. I have gotten calls this weekend telling me how he is
"so protective of her". These people are Yorkie people forever...they did not
have children...they have always had Yorkies. Since I had to give him up I am
so please that Warren and Sheila...and Snickers got him.
Char Lee
Toto was our first foster Yorkie who quickly worked her way into our hearts
with her big beautiful eyes and gold hair. Since she was previously
surrendered twice, our goal was to find that perfect furever home for her.
She now is living life like a queen in Clearwater, Florida, with her new Mom,
Jacqui. If we humans could be as lucky with the life Toto will now live.

Toto wanted to add "My new Mommy will fix all my meals from scratch; take
me on long daily walks; I have a huge fenced in back yard to play with my
tennis balls; and when we go "Bye Bye" in the car, Mommy straps me into
my special car seat because she loves me so much. I now have so many
beautiful clothes to choose from it will be a hard decision for me on which
outfit I'll get to wear each day. My older brother Max (who is a cat) is happy
to have me as his sister also. Since I'm an only dog, I will not have to worry
about getting enough daily ear scratching. Thank you Yorkie Friends Rescue
for finding the perfect family for me."