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Beau AL
Dear Lisa, Margie and Beverly:

First, I want to thank each of you for approving Alan and me, getting Star, taking care of
her, arranging for transportation for her to me, and giving Alan and me a new member of
our family.  She is the nicest, sweetest, quietest and best girl.  She is fitting in perfectly
with the other two, although they are, understandibly, a little jealous, having been the
only Queen and Princess in the family until now.  We have explained that now we have a
new sister, so they must be nice.

On the way home, she sat nicely, and as we got closer, she started nudging her nose
under my hand.  Once we got home, she was a little skittish.  Her tail was between her
legs, but Alan put her on the couch with him, and then we let her come up on the bed with
us (probably a mistake, but we're such suckers for yorkie love.)  This morning her tail was
up and wagging.  She's been very good about going into the back yard to potty--she also
likes to explore, and has tried to engage Annie and Lucy in some "zooming."  
(Zooming--where the puppy jumps and runs and spins, trying to get the others to play.)  
They are still being a bit aloof, but from the looks of it, they are going to fold soon.

We are set for a vet check-up on Tuesday, then spay on the 25th.  I checked her teeth
and she's in need of a dental (tartar galore), so we'll get that done as well.

I am attaching two pictures, one of me with the girls yesterday, after we got home.  The
second is of the girls only.  Alan calls them his blond, brunette and redhead!  As you can
see, they are very well matched.  

As I told Lisa, please let me know about transport tasks for now, and I'll look over the
materials Beverly sent.  I'd like to get more involved, as I explained.  And Beverly, we'll be
in the Gadsden, Alabama, area around the weekend of October 12, so let me know about
your schedule.  Alan and I are going to get a room at a "pet friendly" motel there in
Gadsden, so maybe you can see the girls in person.

Thanks again, and we'll be in touch soon, I'm sure.

Hi Mama Beverly and Daddy Tim,
Well we made the long trip just fine.I was on my best behavior.My new  Mom,Linda,
thinks I am just perfect.She keeps telling me what a good boy I am,and she says I am a
pretty boy.Guess what.She lets me sleep in her bed a Tempur-pedic.She said she had
to wait a long time for that and I was lucky ,and that I should rest well.She keeps saying
that we each have a side of the bed.I am testing her and get on her side and she doesn't
mind at all.She sure likes touching me,patting me and lots of kisses.I even get on the
bed during the day and she doesn't care.She said it was my home,my yard,my
couch.Yep,right up on everything.I thought it might be a trick but she really doesn't care.I
like laying my head on her,she has plenty of meat on her ,not bony.She isn't sure if I am
eating enough.But you kn0ow me,I'll eat if I am hungry.I like my new yard.I have been all
over it.There are squirrels here and I let them know that this is my yard.Haven't caught
one yet though.Mama Linda says she hopes I won't.Also there are little lizards
here.Boy,they are fast.Haven't got one of them yet either.
I know you two must really miss me.We are hoping that you get to see us soon.Nancy
stopped by today and got the pet food.She thought I was a nice boy.Mama Linda is real
protective of me and that front door.Gets a death grip on my harness.
One of Mama Linda's friends came by last night ,Rhonda,she couldn't wait to meet
me.She got down on the floor talking to me and patting  me and telling me how gorgeous
I am.So to make her feel good I sat in her lap.That's just the kind of guy I am.
I want to thank you both for taking me into your home and caring for me and loving
me.You saved my life and there is no way I could ever thank you enough.I love you both
and I hope you get to visit with me.Thank you.You will always hold a special place in my
heart. I love you.
New Mom is Joni