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Oh Maritza,

We just love, love, love her!!!  She is beyond sweet!!!  We took at least 20
pictures of her on the ride home.  She was soooo good.  I think she was a
little nervous at first but settled in real quick!!  She didn't eat her food
last nite but we did give her some carrots.  I had to go to work today but
Carly stayed home from school to be with her.  She still didn't eat before I
left but I told Carly to mix her food with some green beans to see if she
will eat it.  She really seems happy to be  with us.  She slept on the couch
in the family room last nite (at least that
is where I found her this morning!!)  She just wags her tail and licks our
faces ALL the time!! She really acts like a Cairn.  I can't thank you enough
for all the love and care you gave her.  I can understand how hard it must
have been for you to give her up!  She is such a beautiful girl and we look
forward to creating lots of memories with her.
We love her and God Bless You for all the work you do.

Hi Martiza,
Finally, I have my internet connection so all is right with the world again.  Daisy is doing just
fine.  About an hour after we got to the house she ate and drank to her heart's content
and Barnabas only growled at her once.  I have been very proud of him - although I think
he may be a little depressed - but then I know that they get along very well and I am very
pleased.  She does enjoy attention - but then so does he.  We all took a quick nap this
afternoon - I wanted them to get a little bit of rest and settle down so of course one was on
one side and one was on the other.  Bedtime tonight should be interesting - Barnabas
sleeps with me and I'm sure she will want to sleep with us too.  I went to Walmart to get her
a tag with my phone number and a new harness and hope to take them out in a little while
for a walk.  I'm already in love with the new addition to our little family and know that she is
going to be just fine.  Than! ks agai n and I'll let you know how they are doing.
Thank you for helping us find Lola.  As you know we searched for months for
the perfect dog, and it was when I was about to give up that I found Lola on
your site.  Lola (2 year old Papillon) is fitting in very well and Rodney (our other
Papillon) absolutely loves her.  I am unsure what happened to her in the past
and why she was given up, but I can assure you that she is a very happy dog
now.  She gets her daily treats, is eating regularly, and has stopped chasing
the cats!  She has started barking at outside noises.  My Mom says that it is
because now she feels ownership in our house.  We are happy that we could
provide Lola with her forever home!
Scooter II