Spike & New Mom
Zoe Bear  WI
Sam FL
Hello everyone,my name is Zoe and I
have a new home. My new folks are
Teri and Ben Bracy. I have a yorkie
brother, a yorkie sister, and a silkie
sister. Thanks to everyone in Yorkie
Friends Rescue for the love and
care, and finding me a great new
Love,   Zoe
I am a city girl again. I moved to
Chicago today, July 10th 05 with my
new Mom, Tara. She has allergies
too!!!! I rode home topless in a yellow
jeep, so my hair blew in the breeze.
Thank you to all my new friends in
YFR for finding me this great new

Minnie Reedy
Minnie WI
LadyBug   FL
Pooh  FL
Pooh is having a wonderful time
in his new home in Alabama
with his mom Marsha, and his
new fur brother, Kody. Marsha
loves having a new baby in the
The Stewart family would like to thank JJ's former family who
moved away and did not want to take him with them. They are
thrilled that this little man has become a part of their family. JJ
is also happy to be a part of this wonderful, loving family in AL.
Anyone would think he had always lived with them. He fit in with
the whole family right away. He is shown with his new mom and
all of his brothers and sisters. Dad was at work.
New Dad Mr. George Rule
And Foster Mom Joanne
Spike is looking great!  He's put on some weight,  
you don't feel his ribs and backbone anymore, and
the hunch in his back is no longer there. His black
ears are starting to turn pink and grow hair on
them.  His new mom is taking very good care of
him and he's a happy little guy!
Sam is doing wonderful, he is so precious
- I know you will think I am crazy, but he
gets up on the sofa with me and watches
TV!  The other night I was watching the
dog championship  on Animal Planet and
he was barking at all the dogs -  he always
barks at cat commercials - I can't watch
Animal Planet too long because Sam won't
give up - he keeps barking - finally I switch
the channel and hope there will be no
animals on the tv.  Then Sam will settle
down and take a nap.  Sam is such an
intelligent little guy. Sam has other fur
brothers and sisters, and he loves it that
way! He is now enjoying a good life with an
abundance of love and care. Thank you
again for Sam.
Nancy Broad
Gidget FL.
Gidget went to her forever home with the Cardones in West Palm Beach
Lady Bug has found her place!!  She LOVES
my dad.....he cant leave the room for more
than 10 min before she is digging at the
door trying to find him..LOL   The back yard
was all cleared.....and it looks great! She
has been on her NEW joint nutritionals for
one month now..and sleeps on her PET
magnetic pad constantly...and she is acting
like a 5 yr old dog !! She even jumps up in
the chair now with ease!!!  She seems to
feel so much better with her arthritis!!! We
are taking her to the vets next week to
continue with her heart meds....and will be
getting her groomed for the first time.  My
dad just loves her...she is his
shadow.......and she , as you probably
remember, loves to try to "talk" ......He loves
that too. I just hope they both never have to
part......it will be sad for either one to lose
their buddy again.....they both have lost
loved ones in the past...
I have been adopted by a wonderful lady
in Orlando.  I'm enjoying my morning
walks and all the new toys she has
bought for me.  Life is good and my new
mom too!!!  Thank you Yorkie Friends
Rescue for giving me a 2nd chance.
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Update on Minnie. She is doing really
well.  She is infamous in the
neighborhood as the little dog that
isn't afraid of  the bigger dogs walking
around!  She just got a denim jacket
for fall as a gift from my sister.  She
still LOVES being in the car, riding
with the top down.
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