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Mollie has been adopted by the Bracy's
Davey  FL
Her new parents, Brian and Emily Bass, fell in love
with her instantly and she seems to attach herself
to them too.  It was a match made in heaven!
Bayou went to her forever home yesterday.  I drove to winter haven to do the
home visit and took her with me.  She was immediately at home.  She was
running around like a puppy, playing with her new toys, checking out the house
and outside and loving on her new family.  It was WONDERFUL.

Bayou with her mom, Bonnie and Luis, and her big sister, Vanessa.  I know they
will be a wonderful family.
Scruffy found his
forever home with
Debbie his new Mom.
Violet is doing just fine. She is learning her way around my house and can
easily find the water bowl. She slept all night in her new bed and seemed quite
happy to do so. My other dogs are fine with her and even Higgens (whom I
expected to be a little hateful in the beginning) has been very nice to her - well,
really he mostly ignores her! My back yard, although not real big, has no trees
or bushes so she feels ok walking around, although not far. I don't know how
often you fed her, but I feed my boys morning and night and have done the
same for her but break up her allotment into two smaller meals. Hopefully she
will lose some weight and I will sure try to help her.
Ann, With her family
Ashley AL
Ashley was a Permanent Foster for almost a year when her foster
parents wanted her to officially have her very own home, rather than
a foster home, so they adopted her as one of their own babies. Now
Ashley is "legally" a part of the Harvey family!!! She is blossoming
into a beautiful and lively little girl!!!