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Hi, Annie here - and boy am I loving my Forever Home!!  That’s me with Mommy Mary,
and Daddy Ray is holding fur-brother Suki Too (he was a YFR baby too).   I’ve been here
a few months now and it is truly a home.  I think I must have been in a puppy mill ’cause I
didn’t know how to play before.  That sure has changed!!  Suki and I run and jump and
chase and tumble all over the house.  Sometimes all Mom hears is puppy feet thumping  
all over - upstairs and down.  I’ve learned to chase the squeaky with Suki (although I Grrr
a little if I get there first and he acts like he wants it) but I usually give it to him after just a
little while.  I’ve been on two trips to Michigan and Daddy even made us a special car bed
so we are strapped in and can’t get hurt.  Mom even bought a sewing machine so she
could upholster it with a padded headboard!  I snuggle under the covers at night, right
between Mom and Dad where I feel really safe and loved.  I wish all those other poor YFR
babies could find a great home too.  I’m really happy and I am REALLY loved a lot!!
Suki, Annie
Mary, Annie, Ray, Suki
Tigger is with his new dad, Glenn, traveling the roads of the eastern
US in Glenn's big truck. Tigger is a lucky boy who gets to be with
his dad 24/7 and gets to see the country while he is on the road.
Hooray for Tigger who never has to worry about separation anxiety!!
Rebecca and Troy fell in love with him at first sight.  
They took him for a walk, and was praising him on
everything he did right.  He was so excited. Once back
in the house he cuddled up in Rebecca's lap.
My husband Rick and I recently adopted Bertha, now known as Buffy, and I want to say
that adopting her has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  She came
to us with some special needs which we are currently attending to and we expect her to
eventually make a full recovery.  Buffy has brought us such love and joy I can't imagine
our home without her.  If you are considering adopting one of these beautiful babies,
please do not hesitate.  The rewards far outweigh the risks and you will be doing
something wonderful for a little life that truely needs you.  One look in those big brown
eyes and you'll fall in love instantly just like I did.

Lori Renshaw
St. Petersburg, FL
Harley D
Nipper, aka Kato, went to his new home this morning. Lindsey, Randy & Martha are
wonderful people who are going to love and spoil him. He met them last weekend, along
with his new four-footed family, 3 maltese, a peke, a few cats and an African Gray parrot
named Alex. He was very comfortable in their home, like he'd been there before. Lindsey
has already made him two jackets and scarves and several belly bands--all matching.
Joellen & Bob are the new parents of Harley
Sparky is fantastic!!!  He was so excited to come home it was the cutest thing I've ever
seen.  He got a haircut, a bath, and a new name today.  He now goes by Tugger, Tug for
short.  He's playful, loving, and friendly to my sister's dog Tyler, they get along like old
buddies.  He seems to be adapting well to his new environment and doesn't leave my
side.  Already, he is so loyal, I love him to death!!!
Thank you so much,
Stephanie Linn