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Jazzy and
new Dad
Jazzy and his new Dad, Donald, are having fun in Brooksville, FL taking daily
walks and runs. Jazzy is very excited that his new Dad is retired and can be with
him all of the time. Donald was happy to have a new life companion, and he
drove all of the way from central FL to north AL to get Jazzy!! Jazzy is a happy
boy with his new forever home! He had been a breeder's dog and did not get
much human attention before coming into rescue. In fact, Jazzy was afraid of
men, but learned to trust them while in foster care. Now he is loving his new
Happy little Samantha has gone
to live with her new mom, Jackye
in Marerro, Louisiana, across
the river from New Orleans. Her
mommy drove to Birmingham,
Al, where Samantha's foster
mom met her with Samantha.
Samantha has been busy
exploring her new back yard and
trying to kiss her new Yorkie
Samantha's life has
changed a lot since
being a stray in
northeastern TN. Thank
you to the shelter staff
who worked so hard to
find a rescue to take
her!!! Samantha now
has a wonderful life with
a mommy who is with
her all of the time!!!
Toto / Scruffy
The Dudek family waited 4 months to adopt their little Angel as she had some health
issues that needed to be taken care of before she could be adopted. The whole
family came to pick up their little Angel to go to her for-ever home. They were
thrilled to finally get to take their little Angel home and Angel went to them like she
had known them forever. It was a match made in heaven for this little surrendered
The Dudek family
Toto was adopted by Karen Ballard. Toto was renamed Scruffy.
Prestons new
Mom Joyce from
Gainsville FL.