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Chip & Toby   WI.
I do not think you would be able to breed better dispositions than those
two have. They are as sweet as they come. We have also been in for some
unexpected things. Toby is an outdoorsman! He loves to explore. We took
him to Shannon's cross coutry meet and he was a big hit, as was Chip.
Lots of ooos and ahhhs. But Toby loves walking around outside. Chip is
the statesman, he gets along with everyone, Toby is taking to Anne
particularly and she is his favorite.
Jan is Annie's new Mom
Dear YFR,

We wanted to thank you for choosing our family to adopt BB. He
seems to be perfectly matched to us! Things were a little bumpy at
first, but we quickly worked through the issues and BB is now one
very happy pooch! He's gained weight, loves to play, and gets along
with our other animals very well. He has become very attached to us
and I can't see him being any happier elsewhere. Thanks Judi and

Brian and Debbie Beatty and Family!
BB and his new family
Lizzie is doing great in her new home. She is being
pampered and spoiled. The family made a trip to Petco
for new toys very soon after Lizzie came to live with them.
A note from Chip and Toby's new parents........We wanted to let you know that we
decided to change the dogs' names....we figured new home - new names.  Are you
ready?  Chip is now "Scout"  (my choice) - and Toby is now "Bear" (as chosen by
Shannon and Devin).  It is really funny that "Toby" (all of 4.8 lbs) is called 'Bear" - don't
you think?  They don't really seem to respond to their new names either - that is unless
there is food involved...ha!
Sissy Shih Tzu  FL