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When we have a pup in need of expensive medical diagnostics and/or
treatments, we list his picture with his story in the Special Help Needed section.
When an organization faces such catastrophic costs, it most of the time does not
have the resources to handle it. We operate completely on public donations and
the proceeds from fund raising projects. Through the generous donations from
concerned and loving people, the group is able to give the necessary medical
help to the little ones who need it so much.
Many people see the sweet little ones on these pages of our website and want to
help ease the suffering of those that have serious medical conditions.
Some may have serious injuries as a result of abuse; some may be almost blind
from cataracts; others may suffer the pain of luxating patellas, in which the little
knee caps slip out of place. If left unattended, the knees "freeze" in the slipped
position until they cannot be corrected. This causes the little one a lifetime of pain
every time he/she walks. Some of them may have heart conditions, cancer, or
other problems, which require expensive diagnostics and/ot treatments.
The cost of diagnosing cataracts is usually $75-$150, but the cost of giving site
back to a little dog can cost as much as $2000. Corrective surgery for luxating
patellas can cost as much as $2700 for both knees. Sometimes the cost of
repairing serious injuries from  abuse or cars is staggering.
If you would like to make a Donation to help any of our little ones, you may
send a check to the address listed below, or you may choose Paypal to
make your contribution.
You may designate your donation to help a particular
dog and every penny of your contribution will help the little one you select.
You will receive an email receipt for your donation.
If you sponsor of one of the Yorkie Friends Dogs, you will pledge a monthly
donation of $25 to help cover the cost of the many needs of the dog while in foster
care. The foster parents of the dog pay for its food, and take care of
transportation to the vet. They also usually provide collars and leashes, treats,
toys, beds, and piddle pads for pad training dogs. Sometimes this can become a
considerable financial burden for the foster parents, especially when they have
dogs of their own for whom they provide also. Yorkie Friends hopes to be able to
help with the costs of leashes and collars, treats, toys, beds, and piddle pads
through sponsors' regular monthly donations. The foster parent will continue to
provide food and transportation, as well as any other needs not covered by the
Yorkie Friends Rescue covers the cost of all medical care of the dogs from public
donations and proceeds from fund raising projects. Routine medical expenses
usually includes a heartworm test and preventative meds, fecal tests and
treatment if needed, necessary vaccinations, spay/neuter, bloodwork, antibiotics
for infections, as well as flea and tick preventative meds. Sometimes a dog
requires more extensive tests and treatments.
When you choose a dog to sponsor, you will receive a picture of the dog and
regular progress reports from the foster family. You will receive a receipt at the
end of the year to document your contributions.
You may choose to mail a monthly donation check to the address below, or you
may choose to donate through the convenience
Mail donations or sponsorship checks to:
Yorkie Friends Rescue Corporation,
Att: Nancy Doherty
3060 N. Atlantic Ave # 204
Cocoa Beach Fl. 32931
To Make A Donation to Yorkie Friends
If you want to make a donation toward the care of these sweet dogs, you may mail a check or money
order to the address listed below, or you may use the convenience of Paypal.  If you want your
contribution to help a specific dog, write the dog's name on your check or in the Comments section
of the Paypal form. The dogs send Yorkie Hugs to everyone and they say "thank you" to all of the
good and generous people who help them.   Yorkie Friends Rescue is a
501c-3 organization, and your
donation is
100% tax deductible.
Mail donations or sponsorship checks to:
Yorkie Friends Rescue Corporation
Att: Nancy Doherty
3060 N. Atlantic Ave # 204
Cocoa Beach Fl. 32931
cell     # 321-212-9510
Home    321-784-4981

Thank You For Your Help.
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