If you want to make a donation toward the care of these sweet dogs, you may mail a check or money
order to the address listed below, or you may use the convenience of Paypal.  If you want your
contribution to help a specific dog, write the dog's name on your check or in the Comments section of
the Paypal form. The dogs send Yorkie Hugs to everyone and they say "thank you" to all of the good
and generous people who help them.   Yorkie Friends Rescue is a
501c-3 organization, and your     
donation is
100% tax deductible.
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Thank You For Your Help.
Permanent Foster Dogs
The dogs on this page are permanent fosters of Yorkie Friends Rescue
Corporation due to their age and/or medical conditions. They are not
available for adoption, but you may become a sponsor for any of these
babies, or you may make a one time donation for their on-going care.
Some of the dogs on this page have very special needs that require
expensive veterinary care and medication. Some of them have more
than one problem that requires ongoing medical attention. As a result,
Yorkie Friends Rescue has to pay very high vet bills. In addition to any
special medical care, Yorkie Friends is responsible for their regular
shots, heartworm and flea prevention. Please help us help them with
your donations. You can also become a sponsor to one of the dogs.
Click on the Sponsor or Donate link at the top of the page to learn how
you can help. To make a onetime donation, click any of the Donate
buttons on this page.
Some of the Permanent Fosters have recently been adopted by their
Foster Families because the family wanted them to be adopted and not
remain a foster for life. They are marked as adopted. We still need
donations for those who are Permanent Fosters.
911 Click Here To Report a Yorkie in need of Rescue.
Mail donations or sponsorship checks to:
Yorkie Friends Rescue Corporation
Att: Nancy Doherty
3060 N. Atlantic Ave # 204
Cocoa Beach Fl. 32931

For assistance contact:
Beverly Harvey 256-974-9116 or Yorkietuff@aol.com
Check back soon for
information about current
permanent fosters.