At The Bridge Waiting For Us
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Chelsey FL
Peanut FL.
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What can I say about Ruben?
He was my little boy, my angel, my comfort.  

He was 5-7 years old when he was turned in to rescue.  He
started out as a stray and he came to our rescue group in
November 2005, and I was supposed to foster him for few
weeks, but then his adorable little face stole my heart.  It
was love at 1st sight!!!!

Ruben had a lot of health issues but caring for him was
what made our relationship so special and wonderful.  

“Dear Ruben:   I wish I had met you earlier in life.  But I’m
grateful for the time I had.  You will always be with me, in
my heart and in my thoughts.  I trust God to take care of you
until I get there to have you with me again.  You sleep tight
my little Ruben.  Mommy misses you so very much.  My
heart aches for you.  Wait for me at the bridge, when we will
be together again… ”

Thank you Lord for adding him to my life….he was a true